A year to remember...

We've worked with Savan and Kiana a couple times before the wedding including the engagement shoot and a family photoshoot. This allowed us to connect with our bride and groom before the big day along with being able to try different angles and test the chemistry of the couple in front of the camera. We quickly found that Savan and Kiana were naturals!

Just like many 2020 couples, Savan and Kiana faced all of the planning complications you could think of during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The one and a half years of strategic planning flew right out the window when the wedding industry and the rest of the world had to temporarily shut down. The original date of June 6th, 2020 was rescheduled, pre-purchased flights from guests were cancelled and the guest count had dropped. The couple worked with the venue to secure another date and found ways to have a COVID safe wedding. Even though the planning was a near-headache for the two, their beautiful yet simple wedding came out just as expected and maybe even better!

Surrounded by friends and family that they love (while keeping social distance), the two came together and joined in holy matrimony as one on September 26th, 2020. It was such a pleasure working with Savan and Kiana and all the vendors included. One more time for the party couple; Cheers and Congratulations!

The start of forever...

So that was all the fun and behind the scene moments from the morning. Now we're getting into the tear jerker, heart-so-full and oh-so-happy moments!

Let's continue.. *que ceremony music*

And so the party begins...

When we say they're a fun bunch, we mean it. You can literally hear the music from these photos.

Happily ever after...

Who knew you'd be able to relive the day of this wedding with Savan and Kiana just by going through this blog with us? Wasn't that so fun!? We had such a blast shooting Savan and Kiana's wedding that we had to turn this into our first blog ever. We hope you enjoyed going through this blog as much as we enjoyed making it. Thanks for tuning in here, look forward to many more to come! Thanks for reading!

May Twenty And Five

For Savan and Kiana's Engagement session, CLICK HERE


Photographers: May Twenty And Five (Us)

Venue: San Joaquin Winery

Decorator and Florist: Silk Florals and Events

DJ: DJ Roeski

Officiant: Andrew Beasly

Coordinator: Robia Vang